Who is Timea Vas?

“She must be another self-made guru.” – You may think.

Time Vas - Who is she?

But here’s my story to read.

I started my first very little business when I was 19 (now I’m 34). Back then I was still going to university and living with my parents. As I was majoring in English, and always loved teaching, I started teaching English as a second language in a spare room in my parents’ house. I refurbished it as a very small classroom. Students started coming in very quickly. In 3 short months, I was working 10-12 hours a day + studying for my exams. 2 years later, I founded my first English school in town that became the leading school of the neighbourhood in only a year.
Timea Vas - New Zealand journey
By the time I became 25, I was hungry for another adventure. I exited and sold my business. After that, all by myself I moved to Oxford, UK to obtain my second TEFL degree. I met a nice guy there (who became my husband 4 years later, and still plays a big role in my life) with whom I moved to New Zealand for a year. In January, 2014 we were sitting in Albert Park in Auckland, with only 69 cents in our pocket. That was the moment when we decided to build such an online business that allows us to pursue our dreams, to travel the world and to be financially free.
Then came the idea of Don’t Panic English that finally became Hungary’s leading, and Europe’s fastest growing English school franchise in 3 short years generating between two and three million dollars each year.

It started as my one-man show in 2014; by the end of 2014 my husband and our first employee joined my business. By 2016, we had a team of 8, by 2017 a team of 12.

Until 2017, it was an online school that was selling 12 different courses and programmes to 42 countries worldwide. Since the beginning, we’ve sold over 100,000 products.

In 2017 I fell pregnant, but still we decided to open an offline school when I was 33 weeks pregnant. I still remember standing on a ladder painting walls at night. :)))

In 2018 our first franchisees arrived, and since then DPE’s growth has been unstoppable.

Milestones I’m the proudest of

first year in franchise

9 schools, 80 employees, 2 million dollars in revenue, NextGen in Franchising winner in Las Vegas

second year in franchise

12 schools, 120 employees, almost 3 million dollars in revenue, featured in Forbes magazine, loads of media exposures, winner of the website of the year

third year in franchise

I was chosen among the top 100 influential women in franchising, expansion started in Europe, exit our business on very good terms, moved to the Canary Islands starting with a one-year sabbatical

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I founded my new business in 2021 to help female entrepreneurs by giving them the step-by-step blueprint to automate every process in their current business so they can live a financially stable, healthy and fulfilled life.

My fields of expertise

When I’m not working, I can be found playing with my son on the coolest playgrounds, travelling the world, hiking on the volcano, or exploring different coastal walks. My motto is:

Every day is a holiday!

With my new consulting business, I am able to make another big dream come true;
Right from the start, 1% of our total revenue goes to my future mental health foundation which educates children from a very young age on mental health.

moments from my life

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